Located in the heart of the Wyre Forest
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Located in the heart of the Wyre Forest

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Casa-Mia Care Home
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Many of our clients will require care support for the long term but we strive to ensure the person can maintain their independence and set their own goals. Some clients are looking to become more independent (using the bus, dressing, going fishing) and some clients are working towards more independent living. We work closely with the commissioning teams to ensure we are offering the services they are looking for in terms of supporting recovery back towards more independent living in the community. We use a range of outcome measurements to evidence this support.


Routines are important for quality of life, good sleep hygiene and positive mental and physical health. Whilst we wish for clients to develop positive routines that reflect their individuality (deciding when to eat, when to do activity) we support healthy routines and a balance of activity to ensure meaningful, balanced lives.

Social Activity

Casa Mia excel in this area. We believe that social activity is vital in well being and offer a considerable range of activities both in house and in the community. Our monthly newsletter captures the photographs and thoughts of all our events and outings, groups and activities. These can range from daily outings, inc, fishing, cinema, local walks, visits to local cafes/restaurants and weekly; relaxation, shopping and gym sessions to holidays, seasonal events and day trips. These activities are audited and evaluated quarterly and ensure narrative feedback as well as numerical evidence is captured. Casa Mia believe that in offering Easter, summer, halloween, firework, pantomime and Christmas activity we help our clients to anticipate and enjoy the seasons and provide visual structure to the seasons and the home.

Personal Belongings

All service users at Casa Mia are welcome to bring personal belongings to the home and to personalise their own rooms. Our aim is to promote the feeling of home from home as much as is possible.

Security of personal possessions

All service users at Casa Mia will be provided with a bedside locker to which only they have the key, and a key to their own bedrooms in order that they can ensure privacy for themselves and security for their possessions. We do also have a safe in the office if anyone requires us to hold items for them.

Visitors to Casa Mia are welcome anytime.

Meal times and Special Diets

Meal times are relaxed and unhurried.


This is normally served from 7am -10am. We have a selection of cereals to choose from, along with fruit juices, yogurts and fresh fruit etc. a choice of cooked breakfast is also available daily.

Lunch time (Approx 1pm)

We have a choice of meals, normally 2 or more options, food is served in a hot bain marie so service users can help themselves to choice and quantity, this is to enable clients to be as independent as possible. Clients are able to cook for themselves if preferred with support if needed.

Main meals can also be served in the evening if desired.

Families are encouraged to share meal times with clients, we recognise meal times are a really important social time.

Clients are encouraged to give feedback through residents meetings regarding food choice.

Vegetarian and soft food diets are catered for as are any cultural or allergy requirements.

Assessments for any swallowing difficulties are arranged as required. Where people prefer us to choose for them this is catered for.

Tea time

We offer a wide range of choices and clients are encouraged and supported to prepare their own food.

Where people require us to prepare their meals for them, we do.

Terms and Conditions

Casa Mia charges start from £1165.00 per week for full 24-hour residential care, which includes all food and accommodation, plus the help and support to live an active a life as possible.

The cost of any additional care needs as identified by the assessment process may be negotiated with the funding person/agency as necessary.

Care fees vary depending on the level of care/support required.

Complaints Procedure

A copy is included in this guide.

Most recent Inspection

The most recent Inspection Report can be obtained from the Quality Care Commission web site ‘OUTSTANDING’